Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Back Home

Wheee! We are now living in Dublin and enjoying the grey skies and low temperatures, cooling drizzle and chill breezes. We will miss Japan but this is the real place for a spud. We have moved in with my mum which is very nice and the kids seem to have taken to life here well. They started at school last week and are now learning Irish. Here are a few words for you to be going on with...
cot=cat, ellifint=elephant, panda=panda, cangaru=kangaroo
Hey...what an easy language!

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Brian Cullen said...

Ah sweet Dublin,
On a fine boat in Howth
Long way from Japan

(If you say that in a Du-bi-lin) accent, you might make it into a haiku.

It's spilling rain in Nagoya - look forward to talking to you at Christmas.