Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Yes we can!

There are moments when you just have to step aside and allow greatness to pass. So come on Barack...get out of the way (or go and buy a set of Potato Pals).

This is from Amazon Japan's non-fiction rankings this week. Dizzy heights for wee spuds.


Anonymous said...

I've just bought Potato Pals 1
Let's see how it works with my class.
I'm really excited about it!

Patrick Jackson said...

Not as excited as I am, anonymous. Thanks!

stevie austin said...

how come your book is double the price of Obama's? Is it the extra wisdom contained within?

Patrick Jackson said...

Stevie, Stevie!
Obama's book is just...
like...ONE book whereas Potato Pals sets contain 6 fine tomes. Furthermore Barack's book doesn't have a CD...or songs...or potatoes. I rest my case. PJ