Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kids' Club Tour

Hope to see lots of old friends this year
in Yokohama (Feb 2), Osaka (Feb 3), Nagoya (Feb 24), Tokyo (Mar 2) and Sapporo (Mar 9). Brian will be doing Potato Pals presentations in Okayama (Feb 9), Fukuoka (Feb 10), Nagasaki (Feb 11), Sendai (Feb 16) and Niigata (Feb 17). It's always lots of fun so please come along if you're around.

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Vicky said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Can I ask how you came across it? It always fascinates me how people I know (or know of!) get to it...

I will certainly be coming to the tour in Sapporo, so I look forward to meeting you in person then!