Monday, January 21, 2008

Good Friends in New Ireland

Thank you Craig for translating Good Friends into Tok Pisin, one of the languages of Papua New Guinea. Craig lives in New Ireland which looks like a better place to catch some sunshine than Old Ireland. Mind you, it's only 3 degrees from the equator. They have potatoes there (known as 'English Poteto') but apparently sweet potatoes (known as 'kaukau') are more popular.

Good Friends...
Ol gutpela wantok ol i save...

talk to each other
tok wantaim

listen to each other
harim gut

play together
pilai wantaim

lend things
givim na halivim

share things
tilimautim ol samting

help each other
halivim wantok

give presents
givim presen

soim marimari

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Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen this! Made me homesick. Tenkyu tru for leading me to it.