Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sport's Days

It was Ami's Sport's Day yesterday. Here she is getting of to a good start. A fun day was had by all despite the absence of grass.

Other news...unfortunately 2 of my Tokai students fell off a table while doing a play of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. One landed on his arm and the table fell on the other's foot. Both suffered broken bones. Neither could attend their sport's day which was also yesterday. Ah Pa!

Kai's sport's day is next week. Should be a bit of a laugh.

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Anonymous said...

I had worried last Thursday of something similar happening in my students' efforts to reproduce your violent play - the least I think you can do is rewrite the ending.........Daddy Goat should just swallow the big bad troll-and the final sound should no be AAARGGGHHH! but BUUUUUURP!

Protecting art in the face of relentless terrorism is questionable and,after all, science will win out in the end! Rewriting such a classic might seem like a bridge too far for you, but think about it; have you any idea what sort of party the animal rights activists would have with us if this ever got out.......not to mention the Troll Protection Society loonies on the far right. Billy (Gruff)