Sunday, February 03, 2008

Potato Pals Quiz

Hello there! Thank you for coming to the Kids Club Tour. Here is the Potato Pals Quiz. If you can answer all these questions about Series 1 you will go in a draw for a set of Potato Pals 2 Readers. Consolation prizes will be awarded to everyone who enters. Send your answers to me by email at marked Potato Pals Quiz Answers. If you haven't got a membership card yet, just send the answers to 1-9.

1. What time does Buddy get out of bed in the morning?
2. Which Potato Pal goes to school in a blue car?
3. What colour is Daisy's eraser?
4. What instrument does Nina play?
5. Where is there a zebra looking the other way?
6. Which Potato Pal likes to skateboard?
7. What is Chip's favourite drink?
8. How old is Joy?
9. In Potato Pals Series 1 where can you see the king and queen of Potatoland?
10. What is your Good Friends membership card number?

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