Sunday, April 01, 2007

Nagoya; A Celtic City?

Who'd of thought it? The archaeologists working at Nagoya Castle have just uncovered evidence in the form of coins and pottery that the earliest settlements at Nagoya were of Celtic origin! It seems that some time in the 3rd Century a maverick group of Celts made their way eastwards and somehow managed to cross the Japan Sea before settling in this area at a place they named 'na Copall' (Place of the Horse, or 'stable'). Over the years the name of this settlement became Nagoya and the region, known as Aichi (the 'Ai' in Aichi, which means 'love' being derived from the same Celtic root as the 'Ei' in 'Eire', the Gaelic name for Ireland). No wonder the Potato Pals have taken root here!


Devon said...

Wow! Happy 1st of April to ya!

Patrick Jackson said...

Devon! You unbeliever!

Anonymous said...

I think you've been a bit cooped up, trying this one on! You should get out more. Will