Sunday, April 08, 2007

It's Daisy!

The results of the poll are finally in! It's been a hectic 3 months. Anyway, here are the results...
All complaints should be directed to the comments section below. The Potato Diaries washes its hands of the whole affair but would like to award the following special prizes:

Most votes by an individual: Will Hardwick's 900 plus votes for Dean
Most votes by a family: The Jackson-Kay family's impressive 1000 vote drive for Daisy
Most fanatical supporter: Setsuko's support for Nina which garnered over 400 honest votes

Best moment: Setsuko as Nina campaigning in white gloves in Nagoya
Worst moment: The realization that about 2000 votes were cast by 4 people


The Jackson Kay Daisy Fan Club said...

Not only are the votes blocked, but the lack of democracy is duplicated in the censorship of comments associated with the outcome of the election. We posted a comment several days ago which was never published.
So to repeat what we said we were horrified that there is a suggestion of irregularity in the voting for Daisy - clearly the best potato in the sack. And as for any suggestion the Jackson Kay family behaved improperly in any way - well, we are presently conferring with our lawyers.

Anonymous said...

The people who hold Daisy close to their hearts act as if butter wouldn't melt in their mouths!Hold her under your chins and you'll see she was a bit too yellow for the pot.

What is this semi-anonymous bit of grouching all about anyway...blocking votes? Block voting more like it.

As for comments not getting posted, well, the suggestion of censorship is ridiculous and I am sure all six of the Pals are boiling at the very idea.

Perhaps skills need upgrading with this 'on-line' stuff; its all new so maybe they are all as fresh as Daisy to it all.

Dean was thrilled to see the results of his fans support smash through the 1,000 vote mark first; a wonderful feeling. Amazing for a pretty mashed up new potato like him.He fairly sliced through the crinkly competition as if he wore buffalo wings.

But, sadly though, he is a little disappointed at the less than fluffy reaction from some quarters; it just goes to show, doesn't it? When the chips are down, some blurry eyed old taters just can't get out of their jackets and take the roasting. Will, Dean's main man. This Daisy Fan Club lot sound like Dick Taters to me......