Saturday, February 24, 2007

Thanks Everyone!

Just finished a 5-day course at Chukyo Open College titled "The Basics of Teaching English to Children". 7 brave people turned up; some elementary school teachers, some eikaiwa teachers, a chap who wanted to overcome shyness and an expectant mum. The course covered storytelling, songs, picture books, craft activities and games. We had fun but ran out of time every week. It was very interesting watching other people teach. This is Yukari telling the story of Goldilocks. Thanks Yukari!


Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick!

I'm Yukari. I am really happy that I have taken your enjoyable and useful sessions.

Your way of speaking and storytelling attracted me a great deal. You said, “Storytelling is a lifelong skill.” I can't agree more. I would like to keep practicing.

As I dared to break some eggs in your sessions, I think I managed to make an omelet even though it was strange… I took risks, so I gained a lot. I will try new ideas as you encouraged us. Thank you very much indeed.

I will visit here as often as possible.

Have a nice weekend!


Patrick Jackson said...

Thanks Yukari! You were great!