Monday, February 26, 2007

Jumping for Joy

Had a great time in Tokyo yesterday. That's my last presentation of this Kid's Club Tour. The last dates are all up north; Sendai, Niigata and Sapporo but I'm leaving that to Brian. At my last presentation in Sapporo, nobody turned up...actually I didn't even give the presentation; didn't seem much point as the room was empty. That was quite a day. I flew all the way there in the morning and back in the evening. There must have been 300 people at the show yesterday. Great fun! Thanks to Linda for this great idea. Kai played with this for ages. Quite a compliment given that it's not a train.


Yukie.Y said...

I enjoyed your presentation in Tokyo.I really had a good time. I bought Potato Pals 1 and I danced with my kids yesterdady. My kids loves the theme song.

Patrick Jackson said...

Thank you very much for the kind comment, Yukie. Please say "Hello!" to your students from The Potato Diaries.

Karl said...

Hey PJ!

Great idea and a really nice picture.

Glad to hear that Tokyo went so well. I heard that about 360 people came and went throughout the day!!!