Thursday, February 22, 2007


Just finished chatting with Will 'multiple voter' Hardwick on Skype He let the following slip. Dean has now polled 205 votes
We knew it was bad but I don't think anyone imagined it could be this bad. Serious questions are also being asked how Daisy jumped 100 votes in a single day. Quite incredible the lengths some people will go to to win. Seems like Chip might be the only credible candidate left.


Devon said...

You are right about Chip. I expect the campaigning to be intense this weekend in Tokyo.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for a restoration of full democracy in Potato Land. Overseas voters have today been disenfranchised again and are not allowed to vote freely as they once were. There should be a full enquiry.

Patrick Jackson said...

'Vote freely' eh? I think that that says it all. And 230 wrongs don't make a right. Fear not; justice will prevail in Potatoland.