Sunday, January 07, 2007

Friends in Africa

I was chatting with Birahim Diouf from Senegal and he sent me this translation of Good Friends

Bons Amis...
Parler avec vous
Vous Écouter
Jouer Ensemble
Étre présent

'care' seems to be missing...anyone able to provide a translation for us?


capricornusbear said...

Good Friends...
To speak with you
To listen itself
To play Together
To exchange
To divide to help
To be present

Some sense is required to accept poems. It is not easy in Japanese, let alone in other languages!!

Patrick Jackson said...

can I direct you to

the brother said...

Soigner, innit?

Sarah said...

Hmm. Haven't had to use the French lingo in a loooong time, but here's my attempt:

Good friends
Talk with you
Listen to you
Play together
Help one another
Are there (for you)

Care would probably have to translate with "taking care of something or someone"; "Prendre soin de..."

It may have been awkward to fit the French phrase in time with the music. Perhaps the line "Are there (for you)" covers that idea?

It's a nice song in any language :)

isa said...

Can I send you my translation?
I guess you need to keep the grammatical point (use of reflexive verbs) and sound right sung in French.

Patrick Jackson said...

Thanks Everyone! Yes, please send over your translation Isabelle. THe more the merrier.

isa said...

Les amis ...
Ils se parlent
Ils s'écoutent
Ils jouent ensemble
Ils prêtent
Ils partagent
Ils s'entre-aident
Ils se font des cadeaux
Ils s'aiment, s'aiment, s'aiment
Les amis ...