Thursday, December 07, 2006

Stick 'em Up! (groan)

The good folks at OUP have brought out a new Japanese packaged version of Potato Pals Series 1 with a Japanese Guide and some very fantastic and sticky stickers. Click on the stickers to the right to see me talking about the books in very slow English and teaching some Korean children. Depending on your computer/browser etc you may not be able to see this.


sarah said...

Greetings Potato Lover,

If you haven't had a peek at the ETJ Yahoo group site in awhile, take a peek; there is some potato talk going on that you may want to follow up on.

Next Friday should be hopping at Bumphy's; Brian and I are heading to Canada that week so come on out and sing some carols with us on the 15th. It'll be fun.

See you :)

Tadz said...

Thank you for your kindness!
Emi enjoyed CD of Potato Pals 2.
She mimicked it as soon as she heard this CD. She looked like very happy.