Monday, October 23, 2006

Podcast news

My very monotonononous podcast is still going. It is getting about 100 downloads a week which shows how bored some people must be.

Highlight of doing it came through the other day.

Hello Patrick, I'm very pleased to know your website and it is very useful for me. Because I'm learning English and also teaching English to some students at non-profit monastery, where mostly poor students are learning English there. I want to help those students who want to learn English but couldn't afford well for expensive class fees. So I have been teaching there for about two years with my teacher and some of my senior students. I feel very happy to teach them although I don't earn any money from this class and I hope you will also like it. Our teaching is mainly based on speaking and your stories are very helpful in my class. I found your website in the early September and I used one of your stories, "August" because it is very interesting for young people. Dear Patrick, as you are also a teacher and I believe you will also feel happy to read about my message. If you are willing to know more about my class, please reply me and I will be waiting for your reply. Now I'm giving voluntry service to the public and I will go on trying to do this along my life because its my hobby. Simply to say, I never hope any profit from this but in return the ecstasy that I've got from this class is very pleasing. I feel very pleased when I see them that they understand something about English. Now I live in Yangon, Myanmar(Burma)and I am teaching at the monastery in Yangon.


Devon said...

Podcasting is's just nuts to me that we can throw these things up on the internets, that collection of tubes, and random people from around the world will listen. These are the best of times...or the worst...haven't figured that bit out yet.

mayumi bond said...

Must be great being a teacher in Myanmar; your students give you ecstacy!