Thursday, June 15, 2006

Proud Fathers (oyabaka???)

Hearty congratulations to Erin Hardwick who has just got a very good mark in her finals from St. Andrew's (your pa was glowing all over the staff room yesterday) and also to Ami who graduated from ICAN kindergarten yesterday.


sarah said...

Congratulations Ami! Here's a trick you can try with your dad. Turn the volume low on your computer, and then click this link:

Old people (like your dad!) are not supposed to be able to hear the sound it makes; it's for kids' ears only. Start the volume low though. I'm old too so I can't hear it myself and I don't know how loud the sound really is! Let me know if it works! See you later, Sarah :)

Patrick Jackson said...

I could hear it fine Sarah, ye deaf old bat! Clear as a bell!