Sunday, June 11, 2006

Moving Mountains

Just back from a very interesting weekend visiting the area (Nagano Prefecture) where my father-in-law (the wonderful Mr. Izawa) came from. He grew up in a tiny village in the mountains...sounds like a cliche doesn't it... and was recruited to join Toyota Motors when he was only 14 years old. He is 74 now so that makes it 60 years since he left. Of course he has been back regularly to visit. Amazing stories of the life in the mountains in those days. Actually, there is an Englishman called Simon Piggott living there now (He's the head of the village councl and writes interesting articles in 'Avenues').

One of the places nearby was the scene of a natural disaster in 1969. The pictures below show what happens when a mountain collapses. The top picture is before the landslide. The middle one is the day after the slide. The bottom one was taken yesterday where we stopped for a picnic.

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